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ADU homes design with compact bed and added storage. Raised Roof with natural lightning

ADU Homes: What is it and How to Design it?

A commonly asked question we hear is, “What is an ADU home”? Well, the abbreviation of ADU stands for accessory dwelling units. This is oftentimes used as a secondary home or accessory unit that is attached to your primary residence or another unit on the property.  ADU homes are arguably one of the best ways to extend a property or even generate an additional source of income should you wish to rent the unit out separately. Unlike Modular homes, ADU homes are built to stay and cannot be bought or sold separately without a primary home. It can be your basement or even the loft above your garage, but not limited to an added structure outside your home.

This unit is an excellent option for someone living with an extended family member or someone looking to get into the landlord business and start small. Whether you want to take up the role of a landlord full-time or simply create a space for yourself, this blog prepares you for the spatial design elements for your ADU home.

Still not too sure about it? Allow us to introduce you to the world of ADU homes.

Design Tips For Your ADU

ADU homes have characteristics that could pose a challenge if not strategically designed because the space of an ADU is relatively small compared to its counterpart, every square foot counts! 

Add Extra Features

We highly recommend adding in additional features everywhere you can. Remember that your bedroom can easily double as a workspace or even a tiny studio, pop in a corner table and see it come to life. When made compact, spaces like the kitchen would be easily accessible with countertops and storage shelves. Adding extra storage underneath and above the sink unifies the kitchen space better. 

Raise The Roof

When you raise the ceilings to your ADU home, it opens up your space to endless possibilities! With raised ceilings, you can incorporate chandeliers and vertical storage shelves. Add in a skylight, and you’ve got yourself another natural light source to brighten your rooms and have the space appear larger than it is. 

Welcome Large Doors and Windows

With enormous ceilings, custom windows and doors add a touch of elegance to your ADU home. Large windows do not solely ventilate but become a huge natural light source. If you’re interested in a quick DIY project, glass painting on your windows makes for a beautiful tinted glass reflection art that adds more personality to your home. 

Interior Design Tips For ADU Homes: 

  1. Add an accent wall and pair it with neutral colors.
  2. Create different textures with Rugs and Wallpaper.
  3. Add layered lighting.
  4. Create additional storage under the floor, bed, and stairs.
  5. Add sliding doors instead of traditional doors. 
  6. Invest in convertible furniture.
  7. Create a vertical plant garden.
  8. Use large mirrors to help reflect natural light

ADU Insurance 

Whether you’re leaning more towards renting your unit or utilizing it for personal use, these ADU homes bring immense value to you or even your future buyer. Imagine this, you buy your ADU home, design and renovate it yourself but don’t have the right adu insurance.  Having ADU insurance protects your hard-earned investment from unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, a better kind of ADU Home insurance! ​​ Buy online and save up to 40% in less than 3 minutes with Covertree speciality insurance. 

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