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Finally, a better kind of manufactured home insurance.

At CoverTree, we believe manufactured home insurance should be easy, modern, and affordable. So that’s the way we made it. Unlike other providers, we only cover manufactured homes. It’s our one and only specialty. And because we’re so focused, we do it so much better—with plans you can purchase right online and savings up to 40%.
We’re headquartered in America, unlike a lot of providers out there (way out there it turns out). So you can be sure that your claim will be reviewed locally and your dollar will stay in the U.S.A.
Try us out and see just how quick and convenient covering your manufactured home can be.

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Our values aren’t just words on your screen. They drive every action we take.

Everything we do is focused on you, our client. Without you, we couldn’t survive. Our tech is built around the things you actually care about.

CoverTree is building technology and insurance for the future. We listen to your feedback and improve our products.

Get covered in 3 minutes. File a claim in 3 minutes. CoverTree makes insurance simple and fast—finally.

Protecting your future is invaluable, but it should always be affordable. That’s why our tech gets you the best rate possible.

When you imagine a better insurance experience, headlines happen.

CoverTree has filed its Form D with the SEC in connection to $1.5 million in financing

April 27th, 2021

Kate Hernandez Of Detroit Venture Partners On VC Diversity, Startup Funding During A Pandemic

September 3rd, 2020

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