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Protect Your Manufactured Home In Marana, AZ.

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A Guide to Mobile Home Insurance in Marana, AZ: Costs, Coverage, and Considerations

Welcome to Marana, Arizona - a town where the desert blooms with history and beauty!

Situated in the sun-drenched heart of southern Arizona, Marana beckons travelers with its blend of ancient history, natural wonders, and modern luxuries. Once an unassuming crossroads in the desert, today Marana is a blossoming town that effortlessly marries its rich past with a vibrant present.

Marana's story begins thousands of years ago, with traces of human habitation stretching back to prehistoric times. Archaeological finds at the nearby Los Morteros and Picture Rocks sites reveal that the Hohokam people, known for their vast networks of irrigation canals and impressive pottery, once thrived here. As such, Marana is not just a town; it's a living museum, bearing testament to centuries of human resilience and innovation.

The desert, often considered hostile, is surprisingly a wellspring of life in Marana. Saguaro National Park lies just to the east, an iconic expanse teeming with giant saguaro cacti – the sentinels of the Sonoran Desert. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting the cacti in silhouette against a fire-streaked sky, it's a sight that captures the soul of the American Southwest.

Outdoor enthusiasts will never be wanting for adventures in Marana. The Tortolita Mountains cradle the town in their rocky embrace, offering hiking, mountain biking, and nature-watching opportunities. Trails range from gentle strolls to challenging treks, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their fitness level, gets a taste of Arizona's wild heart.

Modern Marana, though deeply rooted in history, looks confidently towards the future. The town has seen a surge in upscale developments, from luxurious spa resorts to gourmet restaurants and boutique shops. Golfers, in particular, are in for a treat with courses that are both technically challenging and visually stunning, often designed to seamlessly integrate with the desert landscape.

Agriculture, especially local produce, plays a pivotal role in Marana's identity. The town's agritourism scene is burgeoning, with local farms offering tours and harvest festivals that celebrate everything from peaches to pecans. The annual Marana Bluegrass Festival, on the other hand, fills the air with foot-tapping melodies, underscoring the town's commitment to cultural pursuits. An intriguing tidbit about Marana is its unexpected claim to aviation history. The Marana Regional Airport, originally established during World War II, became a significant hub for pilot training. Today, while it serves general aviation, it's a nod to Marana's lesser-known contribution to the skies.

To visit Marana is to embark on a journey through time, from ancient petroglyphs and centuries-old cacti to contemporary resorts and eateries. It's a place where the spirit of the Southwest is palpable in every sunbeam and sand grain, inviting visitors to pause, reflect, and revel in the beauty of the desert.

Understanding Mobile Home Insurance In Arizona

Arizona manufactured home insurance typically costs anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per year. Insurance rates are influenced by a combination of factors related to the risk of insuring the property. While specific factors may vary slightly among insurance providers, here's a general list of factors that may be used to determine mobile and manufactured home insurance rates in Arizona:

The overall value of the mobile or manufactured home, including any upgrades or additions, can affect the premium.

  •  Newer homes may be less prone to certain types of damage, and well-maintained homes can qualify for better rates.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
Features like storm shutters, tie-downs, and anchored foundations can reduce the risk of damage and may reduce premiums. On the other hand, amenities like pools or trampolines can increase them.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • he more coverage you want, the higher your premium will be. This includes dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability coverage amounts.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • If your mobile or manufactured home is in a secured community or a community with features like a community watch or a fire department nearby, it may positively impact your rates.
  • If your mobile or manufactured home is in a secured community or a community with features like a community watch or a fire department nearby, it may positively impact your rates.
  • If your mobile or manufactured home is in a secured community or a community with features like a community watch or a fire department nearby, it may positively impact your rates.

The materials and quality of construction can influence how resistant a home is to certain types of damage.

Some insurers use an insurance score, which is similar to a credit score but specifically geared towards predicting insurance losses.

Choosing the Right Mobile Home Insurance for Marana, AZ

While AZ has a lot of laws and regulations that safeguard the interests of mobile home tenants and owners all around the state, it is important to keep tuned into the local laws and regulations in your area! For Marana, we have a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect home insurance solutions for you!

Weather Risks in Marana, AZ

  • Definition: A weather phenomenon where loose particles of sand and dirt are lifted from the ground by strong winds, reducing visibility significantly.
  • Implications for RV Owners:
    • Reduced visibility can lead to dangerous driving conditions.
    • Potential damage to the exterior paint and windows due to abrasive dust.
    • RV air filters may clog more quickly, requiring more frequent checks or replacements.
  • Implications for Mobile/Manufactured Home Owners:
    • Possible infiltration of dust into the home, especially if windows or vents are left open.
    • Potential for minor exterior damages.
    • Risk of unstable or light outdoor items being blown away or damaged.
  • Definition: Storms that produce hail of at least 1 inch in diameter, and/or wind speeds of 58 mph or more.
  • Implications for RV Owners:
    • Risk of hail damage to the RV’s exterior and potential broken windows.
    • Risk of wind pushing the RV, making driving or staying inside hazardous.
    • Potential damage or disconnection of external equipment or awnings.
  • Implications for Mobile/Manufactured Home Owners:
    • Hail can cause damage to the exterior, windows, and roofs.
    • Strong winds might pose structural risks, especially if the home is not anchored properly.
    • Flying debris can pose additional hazards.
  • Definition: The overflowing of water onto normally dry areas, often after prolonged heavy rains.
  • Implications for RV Owners:
    • Water damage to the lower compartments or interior if parked in flood-prone zones.
    • Engine or electrical system damages if trying to drive through flooded areas.
    • Risk of being stranded if roads become impassable.
  • Implications for Mobile/Manufactured Home Owners:
    • Water infiltration can cause internal damages, especially to the flooring and appliances.
    • If not elevated, there’s a risk of the home being compromised or moved by floodwaters.
    • Potential contamination from sewage or other hazardous materials in floodwaters.

It's essential for both RV and mobile home owners in areas prone to these weather risks to be prepared and stay informed about local weather forecasts.

Recommended Attractions in Marana, AZ

Property Crime Rates in Marana, AZ

  • Marana, AZ registers a crime rate higher than the national average with 23 reported crimes per one thousand residents. While its crime rate doesn’t rank among the communities with the absolute highest crime rates, the probability of a resident experiencing a crime is 1 in 44.
  • Within the state of Arizona, Marana’s crime rate surpasses that of 75% of other cities and towns of various sizes. This suggests that Marana faces relatively more crime challenges within its state context.
  • Comparisons with other communities of a similar population size reveal that Marana’s crime rate is approximately average. It neither falls in the high-risk category nor in the very low-risk one when considered against communities of similar size.

Violent Crime Insights:

Property Crime Insights:

Marana, AZ experiences a crime rate that is significantly higher than the national average, driven predominantly by property crimes. However, when considered alongside communities of similar size, Marana's crime rate appears to be average. The predominance of property crimes over violent crimes suggests that residents and authorities might focus on measures to safeguard properties, such as enhanced neighborhood watch programs, improved lighting in public areas, and community engagement in crime prevention strategies. Overall, while Marana's crime rate presents cause for concern, it is not an outlier when contextualized against similar-sized towns and cities.

Coverage for Personal Belongings:

Make sure the policy covers your personal belongings inside the home, from furniture to electronics. Regularly update the inventory of your belongings, as their total value can influence the amount of coverage you need.

Regular Policy Review:

Your living situation and the value of your belongings can change over time. Periodically review and update your insurance policy, at least annually, to ensure you maintain adequate coverage.

Coverage for Relocation:

In case of major repairs or if your mobile home becomes uninhabitable, some policies offer coverage for temporary living expenses. Check if this is included or available as an optional add-on.


Some insurers offer special endorsements or riders that can be added to a standard policy to provide additional coverage for specific items or situations. Consider any special valuables or circumstances that might require such endorsements.

Payment Options:

Check if the insurance company provides flexible payment options, such as monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. Some companies might offer discounts for setting up automatic payments.

Underwriting Process:

Understand the underwriting process of the insurance company. Some companies may require inspections or photos of the mobile home before providing coverage.

Keep This In Mind:

While cost should not be the only factor to consider, it is important to evaluate the affordability of the insurance policies you are considering. Obtain quotes from multiple providers and compare them, ensuring you understand the coverage details associated with each quote. Additionally, inquire about any available discounts, such as bundling home and auto insurance or installing security features in your manufactured home, as these can help reduce your premium costs.

Did You Know?

Arizona law requires mobile home parks to post a copy of the homeowner's insurance requirements under the Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act on the premises.

Arizona Mobile Home Facts

Mobile homes account for roughly 15 percent of Arizona’s total housing units - which equals out to around 305,000 mobile home units in The Great Grand Canyon State!

Within most regulated areas of Arizona, a multi-sectional manufactured home can be placed in any location in which a site-built home is permitted.

A single wide mobile home can also be placed in any location in which a site-built home is permitted, in a mobile home subdivision, or in a mobile home park – all that you need is a development permit handy!

The MVD is responsible for issuing certificates of title to mobile homes.

  • The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is responsible for issuing certificates of title for mobile homes.
  • A $7 title fee is required for each section of the mobile home.
  • Mobile homes that are affixed to real property do not receive titles from MVD.

To apply for a mobile home title, you need to contact MVD and upload the necessary documents in your AZ MVD Now account.

When completing an affidavit of affixture, you will surrender the title(s) of the mobile home to MVD.

MVD will then issue a receipt for the surrender of the title(s).

If you are buying a used mobile home from a company, business, or mobile home park, make sure to receive a business card or other proof that the person who signed the back of the title as the seller is affiliated with that entity.

Please note, these are general guidelines, and it is advisable to consult the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division or visit their website for specific instructions and requirements when applying for a mobile home title.

Learn about the MHD

The Manufactured Housing Division (MHD) of Arizona’s Department of Housing maintains safety standards for these homes that are consistent with the standards put out by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In addition to regulation from HUD and MHD, every mobile home park has its own set of rules. Most require that you obtain a valid mobile home insurance policy, so check with park management for details.

Mobile Home Relocation Fund

The Mobile Home Relocation Fund is a state sponsored aid package that is administered by the Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety (see If you are a mobile home park tenant, you may have access to money from the Mobile

Home Relocation Fund in the case of:​

Coastal Property:
Insurance Pool

Unlike certain coastal states, Arizona doesn’t have a coastal property insurance pool. Therefore, mobile home owners in Arizona need to look for insurance through private providers.

Know your rights

Even though it's not a legal requirement in Arizona, mobile home insurance is often a wise investment to safeguard your property. Read through the following guides to help familiarize yourself with rules and regulations in Arizona:

Add-Ons, Endorsements, and Riders in Arizona

Adding policy options to a basic insurance plan is a common practice in the mobile home insurance industry. While the events covered in mobile home policies are similar across all states, additional coverage options, known as add-ons, endorsements, and riders, may vary depending on your location and insurance provider. Each of these options comes at an additional cost that can be customized according to your needs.

  • Sewer and Water Backup
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Inflation Guard/Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost
  • Home Business
  • Watercraft
  • Identity Theft
  • Personal Injury
  • Secondary Residence
  • Limited-Term Endorsements
  • Floaters/Riders for high-value items

It is crucial to review your policy and consult with your insurance company to identify what is covered, as well as what is not, before deciding which add-ons, endorsements, or riders to add to your policy.

Exclusions eliminate coverage for certain risks that are considered unwanted or already covered by other policies. Some examples of exclusions include: 


  • Catastrophic Events: war is a common exclusion, as it will likely affect a huge number of people, damage caused by war would not be covered.
  • Existing Coverage: if a cause of loss is covered by another type of policy, the insurance company will avoid double coverage.
  • Actions Within Control: if the damage could be easily prevented by an insured, that may be excluded. A common example would be excluding damage to personal property left out in the open caused by rain, snow, ice, or sleet.
  • Non-accidental Incidents: Most policies will not cover damage caused on purpose.
  • Regular Wear and Tear: if proper maintenance or replacement would have prevented the damage, normal wear and tear are not covered.
  • In Motion: Generally, coverage under an insurance policy doesn’t apply while a mobile home is in motion. Some insurers may offer temporary coverage for physical damage that occurs while a mobile home is moving. If you want this kind of coverage, it’s best to speak with an insurance provider.
  • Earthquakes:

Earthquakes are a significant exclusion in mobile home policies in Arizona due to the area’s higher susceptibility to earthquakes. It is    important for mobile homeowners to understand the coverage limitations in case of earthquake damage.


  • BSL-Preemption Law in Arizona:

Arizona has passed a law that forbids cities and counties from enacting or enforcing breed-based dog regulations. This new law aligns with the trend of 20 other states having “BSL-preemption” laws that restrict Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) at the local level.

Finding A Manufactured Home or Community in Marana, AZ

If you're in the market for a mobile or manufactured home in Marana, it's important to have access to reliable and trustworthy information. Marana, Arizona, offers a diverse range of housing options that cater to different age groups, lifestyles, and preferences. From all-age manufactured home communities to modern apartments and active senior living options, Marana has something for everyone.

Valley of the Sun Mobile Home / RV Resort

Location: 13377 North Sandario Road, Marana, AZ 85653
Description: Valley of the Sun Mobile Home / RV Resort is an age-restricted (55+) community located in Marana, Arizona. This community offers a range of amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, whirlpool, horseshoes, bocce ball, shuffleboard courts, billiard room, library, and laundry facilities. It has a narrow street width and is pet-friendly with restrictions. There is one vacant site available, and it was built in 1985.
Community Features: The community consists of 120 sites, with 50% of them accommodating multi-section homes. Approximately 50% of the homes have peaked roofs, and 75% have lap siding.

Villa Capri Mobile Home Park

Location: 2305 W Ruthrauff Road, Tucson, AZ 85705
Description: Villa Capri Mobile Home Park is a showcase community located in Tucson, Arizona. It is an age-restricted (55+) community known for its unparalleled sense of community and quality living. The community is gated and offers various amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, recreational facilities, and more. It's designed for senior living and does not allow pets.
Community Features: Villa Capri consists of 258 sites, with 95% of them accommodating multi-section homes. Approximately 45% of the homes have peaked roofs, and 10% have lap siding. It also has RV sites available.

Terra Vista Estates

Location: 3833 North Fairview, Tucson, AZ 85705
Description: Terra Vista Estates is a showcase community located in Tucson, Arizona, designed for ages 55 and better. It's a vibrant, affordable, and low-maintenance community with beautiful views of the Catalina Mountains. The community offers amenities such as a swimming pool, horseshoes, bocce ball, shuffleboard courts, boat/RV storage, planned social activities, and more.
Community Features: Terra Vista Estates consists of 129 sites, with 25% of them having peaked roofs and 30% having lap siding. It's an age-restricted (55+) community with vacant sites available for those looking to join this beautiful community.

Marana's diverse housing landscape offers opportunities for individuals of all ages to find a place that feels like home. With a range of modern amenities, strategic locations, and community vibes, there's a place for everyone, whether you're a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree seeking peace and relaxation.

Finding the Best Mobile Home Insurance In Marana

It's essential to compare quotes from various insurance providers and work with local agencies that understand Marana's specific risks. You also need to be vocal about being able to customize your policy to cover specific needs like monsoon or dust storm damages. Always remember to ask about any available discounts that you may be eligible for!

  • Reasoning: Saguaros are native to the area. This endorsement provides coverage for damages to saguaro cacti on your property, addressing issues like accidental damage or disease.
  • Reasoning: In desert regions, wildlife encounters can happen. This coverage offers protection for damages to your RV resulting from collisions with desert wildlife like javelinas or coyotes.
  • Reasoning: Marana experiences occasional hailstorms. This endorsement provides discounts on the installation of hail-resistant roofing materials for your mobile home.
  • Reasoning: Active community watch programs can reduce crime. This endorsement offers a discount or coverage enhancement for participating in and supporting local community watch efforts.
  • Reasoning: When boondocking in remote areas, water filtration is essential. This coverage addresses damages or maintenance of off-grid water filtration systems in your RV.
  • Reasoning: Marana is known for its dark sky areas, ideal for stargazing. If you host stargazing events from your RV, this coverage offers liability protection for accidents or injuries that might occur during these events.

 Additional Living Expenses
 Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns
 Debris Removal
 Emergency Removal Service and Emergency Repair after a loss
 Credit Card and Check Forgery
 Fire Department Service
 Food Spoilage coverage
 Personal Injury Protection coverage
 Locksmith coverage
 Golf Cart coverage

Now that you've got the lowdown on mobile home insurance coverage in Marana AZ, don't hesitate to get a CoverTree quote now.

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