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What Are Modular Homes? And Where Do I Get One?

Ever wanted to put together a home just the way you want it but were worried about the costs of construction from scratch? Worry no more because modular homes are here! If you want to know about modular homes floor plans or modular home insurance, this piece will answer all your questions on how to get started. 

Mobile, Manufactured and Modular – What’s the Difference?

For many people, the appeal of modular homes is the potential savings in all areas including construction, purchasing the home, and insurance. It’s feasible to find modular homes under $100k, depending on where you’re looking. However, this desire for affordable housing isn’t new. Prefabricated housing has been a business since the 1950s.

Mobile Homes

Before 1976, there wasn’t much of a construction code for these kinds of homes, known primarily as mobile homes which were the opening doors to a better life for many people who traveled often or couldn’t afford a standard residential home. Mobile homes were generally tiny homes on wheels that were parked in lots away from residential living. 

Manufactured Homes

In 1976, stricter codes were put into place on how mobile homes could be built and maintained. Prefabricated homes that were made after 1976 then became known as Manufactured Homes. Manufactured houses are a type of prefab housing that is primarily designed to be mobile and often be delivered to a designated living community such as a trailer park. A manufactured house is designed with a set floor plan and then transported to the site where it will reside.

Modular homes

Modular Homes are a type of manufactured home and are prefabricated before being put together on the construction site. What is different about modular housing is how they’re put together and are in comparison are typically built to stay on the land, rather than be mobile. 

Modular houses can be assembled in a variety of different ways and speaking to modular home builders would be your best first step. This means that modular home floor plans are customizable, are larger in size, and can be quite luxurious in comparison. You can get your dream floor plan set up in no time and avoid construction delays due to weather, as this type of home is built in an off-site factory.

Your modular home will then be delivered and assembled in various pieces to your permanent foundation. 

What To Know When Buying a Modular Home

Modular housing seems like the perfect balance of benefits between manufactured homes and traditional homes. You get the speed of construction and affordability of a manufactured home, with some of the customization plans and design of a conventional home. 

However, take your time before you go looking for modular home dealers near you. First, you need to think about where you will put your modular home. Due to zoning laws, many areas don’t permit the construction of modular homes. However, you want to make sure that the price of land isn’t eliminating any savings you might have gotten through a more affordable home! 

It’s also necessary to consider your mortgage on manufactured and modular homes. In some areas, mortgages for prefabricated homes can become complicated. This is because the builders of prefabricated homes often want a down payment immediately before the house is finished to cover expenses during the construction process. This means that you may need to get a construction loan first, which you can then turn into a regular mortgage later.

There’s also insurance to consider. Generally, standard homeowner’s insurance is what you’ll need for modular homes. However, many insurance companies charge a higher premium for modular homes. Many insurers unfairly assume that the lighter construction of modular homes makes them more vulnerable to risks such as wind damage. 

It’s therefore essential to do your homework when getting modular home insurance and work with a company such as CoverTree who offers specialty insurance. Also, remember that basic homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the pre-built pieces of your home while they are en route to the construction site.

How Do I Buy a Modular Home?

Getting a modular home is pretty simple. Once you’ve got the land for one, all you need to do is find a modular home dealer near you. You may even have a modular home lot near you, where you can look at what they have to offer directly. 

Then you just need to arrange to get the home delivered and set up. Before you do that, however, you should make sure to get your insurance in order. CoverTree offers fast insurance solutions to match the fast construction speeds of modular homes. You can get a quote with us in only three minutes – so why not get started right now? 

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