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Manufactured home insurance covers personal belongings when moving into a modular home

A Manufactured Home Insurance Company’s Guide To: Moving Your Property

Manufactured homes are known to provide the most value per square ft and are a great way to switch to an energy-efficient and affordable home. With notable growth since 2020 in their production, it’s no surprise to see the rise of manufactured homes. There is an upward trend in their demand, with over 5+ manufacturing plants and a preferred choice amongst 22 million people throughout the nation. They are known to provide freedom and are ideal for an adventurous lifestyle. 

Were older mobile homes simpler to move? Yes, but with some help, these modern manufactured homes are built to adhere to the harshest weather conditions. Making these homes more mobile than an average home. Wondering if moving a manufactured home to New Mexico is complicated? Initially, it may feel that way, but once you understand the policies – it’s a breeze. Below, we share everything you need to know before relocating your manufactured home.

Wondering what relocation would mean for manufactured home insurance? Our 2022 Manufactured Home Insurance guide gives you an in-depth insight.

Can You Move Manufactured Homes Offsite? 

The simple answer to the question is yes. But unlike travel trailers, mobile homes are intended for residential purposes. Before taking the leap, you must assess if your property is deemed fit enough to withstand the move. 

Here are some steps you can take to prepare for moving your manufactured home:

  1. Disconnect from previously subscribed utilities in your current city.
  2. Pack personal belongings securely, leaving your belongings loose could cause severe damage to your valuables and property. This brings us to our next point, sorting out the logistic like shipping larger items, renting a storage unit, and preparing for the travel 
  3. Prepare for the Logistics: If you’re traveling with pets, what extra precautions should you take? If you’re moving with your family, be prepared for  the travel duration and any unexpected weather conditions
  4. Research in-depth the location of your move and verify if you need to contact any local authorities. Contact all the relevant personnel such as the park manager to subscribe to any amenities. 

Moving Considerations 

1. Find the Right Manufactured Home Moving Company

Unfortunately, relocating your home becomes quite tricky without a professional moving company or the right equipment. Since it’s typically not a “DIY project,” allow yourself to research and outsource a company that will ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Researching ahead of time for specific searches such as “moving company for manufactured homes indiana” will save you a lot of time and stress. 

It’s essential to verify the moving company’s previous experience, licenses, and permits. When needed, prepare a checklist of all the licenses you’ll procure yourself vs. what the moving company can assist you with.  

2. Cost Considerations

The size, location, and distance of the move are the deciding factors for the cost of relocating. According to this article, here’s what to expect. The transport charges for only moving starts from $700 and could range anywhere up to $3500. At the same time, availing a full-moving service could cost you upwards of $3000-$15,000. 

3. Check Legal Requirements

Depending on what state you are moving to, local guidelines set a benchmark around the stability of your home as manufactured homes are built to zoning standards. The HUD has divided states into thermal, roof load, and wind zones.

CoverTree manufactured homes legal requirements

Manufactured Home Insurance 101’s

Moving your manufactured home can be tricky, especially without the right manufactured home insurance. Insuring your home against unforeseen catastrophes is a step in the right direction, especially if you’re moving your beloved home. At Covertree, we customize coverage plans that fit your needs. Insuring Modular homes Arizona is now as simple as 1-2-3.

Are you planning to make a move? Let us assist you in getting the best coverage possible!

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