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7 Unique Design Tips for Your Manufactured Home

As the best-manufactured home insurance company, we appreciate what great designs look like. Gone are the days of believing that you need to compromise on space when buying a manufactured home. Modern manufactured homes provide the same luxury and comfort as an average home with the ability to customize your floor plans to best suit your design plans. Below, we look at some excellent interior design ideas for manufactured homes.

Design Differences: Manufactured vs. Prefab Mobile Homes

A manufactured home is a sustainable, accessible, affordable yet luxurious housing option. The growing popularity of alternate housing isn’t surprising, significantly when you save over 40% on manufactured home insurance. A manufactured home is any home designed and built in a factory after 1976. Manufactured homes come in various parts that could be further assembled and built on the site it’s being delivered to. They’re transported on a steel frame and are easy to move around before setting it on your desired land.  

Unlike other homes, manufactured homes are built on a chassis. Although mobile enough for transport, these homes are intended to be permanent structures. The critical distinguishing element between manufactured and mobile homes is a code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code). 

Manufactured homes can be transported, but prefab mobile homes beat them to it in terms of mobility. Similar to its counterpart, they’re built in factories and moved across various sites. Clayton Homes is a notable company that makes manufactured homes, along with Cavco Industries and Skyline Homes. Thanks to the growing popularity of these homes, finding a company that specializes in manufactured homes and floor plans has become easier than ever before.  

Manufactured Home Design Tips

These spatial design elements are easy to DIY and instantly add persona to your Manufactured Homes. 

  1. Utilize smaller spaces: This is as simple as it sounds; when you start utilizing smaller spaces, by adding shelves, under the stair storage, and extra storing components, you significantly increase the functionality of your home.   
  1. Add a backsplash or an accent wall: Backsplashes are an effective way to spruce up your home. Whether you decide to DIY a wallpaper project or go ahead with textured paint, an accent wall is always a great idea. 
  1. Add additional light sources: Relying on just downlights might make the space feel dreary. We recommend picking up different light sources throughout your home, from natural light elements to additional light sources such as ring lights, overhead lamps, or even chandeliers. Chandeliers are still an excellent recommendation despite the common misconception that smaller homes can’t incorporate them.

While there are so many methods to improve your home’s lighting, here are some of our    favorite ways to do it. 

  1. Open floor plans: Open floor concepts enhance the space while integrating all your home’s elements. The streamlined transition from one room to another becomes possible when using an open floor concept. It’s modern, contemporary, and functional. Don’t want to add any distinguishing features to where your rooms start and end? Create blurred boundaries using rugs, bookshelves, tables, and lamps. 
  1. Mirrors, everywhere: Mirrors are an excellent resource for adding grit to your rooms. They create the feeling of seamless and infinite space. Not to mention how effortlessly they transform a space. Whether you create an accent wall made from smaller mirrors or add a statement piece, we guarantee this does the trick. 
  1. Utilize the eye level: When you start placing photographs, art, and even shelves at an eye-level, this makes a space feel more integrated.  
  1. Create Symmetry: Mirroring various elements across the same room makes the space more harmonious. We suggest using a monochromatic color palette, from the furniture to the walls.  

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