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How Much Does Relocating a Prefab Home Cost?

An advantage of owning a prefab home is shifting its location if you need or want to. Of course, there are costs to consider when relocating a prefab home. This post will examine the process of moving prefab homes, their prices, and insurance implications.  

Fees Associated With Moving Prefab Homes

First off, there are two types of moving services. The first is a transport-only service, and the second is full-service transport. With transport-only service, movers will only relocate the home itself via towing vehicle. The moving company also provides permits and liability insurance. On the other hand, a full-service move involves relocating the house and all of its utilities with it to the new site. Of course, these differences in services affect the cost of these services. 

The average cost of transport-only moves is $700-$3,500, whereas full-service moves cost $3,000-$14,000. However, other factors can influence the cost as well. The travel distance can make either a type of move more or less expensive. The rule of thumb is that longer moves cost more money. 

Also, the type of prefab home influences the cost of the move. For example, double-wide manufactured homes may cost $100-$1,000 more than a single-wide home. Both distance and home type get factored into the overall cost in most cases. Additional factors include the size of the house and its weight.  

To give you a taste of these differences, consider the differences in costs for two different prefab homes. An off-frame modular home may cost between $5,000-$15,000 to move. However, an on-frame manufactured home may cost $1,000-$8,000 for a 50-mile relocation. 

In terms of distance, moving companies tend to charge by the mile. The typical fee is $4-$5.50 per mile for the towing vehicle and $1.50-$1.65 per mile for pilot cars. 

Setup Fees Associated With Relocating Prefab Homes

If you opt for a full-service move, you’ll have to pay setup fees. Remember, this type of service requires the relocation and re-installation of your home’s amenities and utilities. What do these setup fees include? They include disconnecting and reconnecting utilities, installing a new foundation, and adding new exterior features. Setup fees vary from project to project, but they tend to cost $1,000-$5,000 per job. 

Keep in mind that setups for full service moves require permits from the city. Municipal approval may require passing inspections to ensure that homes are safe and compliant with building codes. Permits can be challenging to get, but working with a moving company and paying for these setup fees makes the process easier. 

Insurance/Liability Costs

A concern some homeowners have is whether moving a prefab will affect their insurance policy. The answer is yes; moving your home does incur an insurance cost. However, that depends on the homeowner’s insurance status. 

For example, let’s say you already own manufactured home insurance or travel trailer insurance. If so, you would have coverage for moving your home. If not, you may have to purchase insurance elsewhere. However, most moving companies will give you an option to purchase liability insurance from them. 

In general, we advise you to seek insurance for your prefab home. It will cover your home during moves and from damages caused by extreme weather, crime, and accidents. Of course, factors such as the type of home you own, its age, occupants, and location will determine your insurance costs too. 

Here at CoverTree, we offer comprehensive insurance policies for prefab homes and all their categories. Whether you’re looking for manufactured home insurance, travel trailer insurance, or something else, you can be sure to find a suitable policy. 

Make a Prefab Move Without Feeling Nickel and Dimed

If you’re looking to move your prefab home, it’s essential to calculate the cost beforehand. That will solidify the ideal budget for the project and which location is suitable for you. That should include moving fees, setup fees, and insurance costs. The more prepared you are upfront, the easier you’ll find your move later. 

Here at CoverTree, we offer affordable insurance that protects you from liability during a relocation project. Get a quote for the best insurance rates now! 

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