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10 Ways To Save Money & Make Your Money Saved & Invested Properly


Most of our everyday activities depend on money. We need money to pay for everything from the smallest essential to the largest luxury! That’s why it’s important to take some time to ourselves each year and analyze our relationship with money, and learn how to better organize whatever wealth we have! National Savings Day (October 12th) can be the day we set aside to think about how to save (and spend) money in a manageable way. The process of saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. 

There are lots of easy ways to save money, and here are a few things you can do within a day:

  1. Check your credit report:

It’s as easy as it seems! Analyze your credit report, every October 12th, so you can get ahead of anything that seems inaccurate or dubious. Every year you can get a guaranteed free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian & Equifax. Learning about your credit history can help you learn from past mistakes (while saving you from fraud), and can help you save a lot of money in the long run. A better credit score means that you will be able to get the best rates for interest, loans, insurance, and other fiduciary needs.

  1. Implement the ’30 day rule’ of saving:

Impulse purchases can be extremely taxing on a budget. Sure, we want things immediately, but do we really need them? That’s what the 30-day rule can help you ascertain. If you want to buy something out of your budget, see if you really need it, make a note of it in a savings book/app, and wait for 30 days to see if you still want it. This method might sound simple, and it is! It can help you learn more about how you spend your money and what you spend it on!

  1. Sign-up with apps/software that helps with budgeting/saving:

Google Sheets, Mint, GoodBudget, Personal Capital, You Need A Budget, PocketGuard, EveryDollar, Honeydue, and Albert are just some of the amazing software/apps that you can find for free! Start using one to create your own budget, based on your specific needs. Coupon apps can help you save money every time you shop online; while thrift apps can help you buy/sell used goods for a fraction of their real value

  1. Make an appointment with a financial advisor:

Okay, this may sound expensive at first but…. If you can afford it – go to a financial planner ASAP! Now, not all financial planners are the same, but most of them can seriously help you save money in the long run. You can get advice on the best ways to manage your money, as well as how to fiscally plan according to your budget. You can also use them to learn how to save money abroad at tax shelters based on your income.

Some financial services such as The Foundation For Financial Planning offer their services to people that may need their help more than most, other organizations that provide similar financial advisement for affordable rates or even free include the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, the Financial Counseling Association of America and the Financial Planning Association. 

  1. Assort and arrange your money:

Again, this may seem like an unbelievably simple solution, and it is! Separate your money based on your budget for a stipulated period of time, it can be for a day, a week, or a month. Use separate envelopes for each expense you foresee, and put that money in the envelope until you need it. This way you never spend money that you should be saving for expenses, and you can always see easily how much extra money you have left over for luxuries.

  1. Sign-up to auto-pay your bills & Deactivate wasteful subscriptions:

Hidden fees, late payment fees, and unnecessary auto-subscriptions can be such a hassle, especially when they catch you at your worst moment. Take 15 minutes to make sure that all your essential bills are set to auto-pay so that you will never have to worry about late fees or additional payments. Take another 15 minutes to get rid of all those pesky subscriptions that you never really use, and you’ll find that you might save yourself a good chunk of cash!

  1.  Plan for emergencies:

Of course, we all would rather not have to worry about emergencies but recent events have shown us just how fragile our environments can be. Emergencies can catch you totally unprepared, leaving you susceptible to debt and worse: bankruptcy! Spend a few minutes planning a saving strategy that best suits your budget and resources. 

  1.  Reassess your insurance rates/plans/providers:

You can use this opportunity to review your insurance details, to identify what coverage you may/ may not need at the moment. In the process of doing this, you should shop around to see which insurance providers will give you the best rates possible. This could lead to you changing insurance providers in order to save more money!

  1.  Evaluate & assess your living situation:

Are you currently renting, leasing, or paying down a mortgage? If so, you might be interested in reviewing your housing-based finances. If you are paying rent/a lease, budget ahead as much as you can, so that you aren’t caught in a situation where you can be evicted. In the case of a mortgage, look up options that would allow you to refinance your mortgage payments. By finding yourself a lower interest rate, you will be able to raise your home equity, which will in turn help you have more cash to invest in other areas.

10. Invest in different housing solutions:

Finally, if you are tired of renting or leasing an apartment, it’s not too late to invest in different housing solutions like prefabricated/fully furnished mobile or modular homes. In doing so, you can save on high rents, instead of having ownership of a piece of property. If you want to learn more about mobile & modular housing, you’ve come to the right place, and we’ll even give you the best home insurance coverage for your next home!

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