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Documents needed to prepare for specialty home insurance online

We know searching for the best type of home insurance can be exhausting and a little daunting, especially with endless options for specialty insurance and alternative living situations. Homeowners of alternative properties have a wide spectrum of coverage options, ranging from personal liability insurance to loss of use.  

Our experts curate your needs whether you’re looking for better coverage on your current home insurance plan or just getting started and looking for a home insurance quote. 

Getting specialty insurance for your alternative home can be extensive, and oftentimes confusing when taking into account all of the different options available to you. Covertree is here to help you simplify the process and help you with a guideline on what to prepare before getting a home insurance quote. 

If this is your first home or your first rental property,  you might be considering a range of coverage such as personal belongings, loss of use, liability coverage, and even flood insurance + earthquake insurance depending on where you live. This can be overwhelming to consider, but it doesn’t have to be with our specialty insurance company. 

Covertree makes it as easy as can be by providing homeowners insurance quotes in just 3 minutes, by filling out a quick questionnaire that will help us determine what package you should purchase. This blog prepares you for all the documents you will need to buy home insurance online or to get started on your quote. 

Best Practices To Keep In Mind: Speciality Insurance 

Covertree is proud to answer the question many people have in a digital age, and that is “can you buy home insurance online?” The answer is yes! You can rest assured that it is now perfectly safe and more common to purchase home insurance online. 

Let’s jump into some quick tips that ensure you get tailored home insurance for your unique coverage needs and living situation.  Alternative homeowners are not exempt from the traditional homeowner’s basic coverage. 

The most common mistake we see is homeowners underinsured themselves when purchasing a new property that doesn’t fall into the traditional home category. Keep in mind that just because you have a tiny home or manufactured home, does not mean you will not need homeowners insurance. With decades of specialty insurance experience, our experts can insure clients with any kind of insurance score, at any age.

To be on the safer side, we recommend getting enough coverage to keep your home, your belongings, and yourself secure if anything were to happen to you or your property. Your insurance also depends on the financing of your home. With Covertree experts you’ll be amazed to see how easy it is. 

What To Consider Before Getting Home Insurance: 

  1. What type of coverage is important to me? What do I want to include in my range?
  2. Where am I planning to live? Do I want to travel with my alternative home or stay in one location? 
  3. What deductible am I comfortable with?
  4. What type of home do I want to purchase? How am I financing the home?

Not sure how to answer these questions? Our experts can help you get the process started when you begin to answer a few questions online or by giving us a call. 

Documents Needed For Your Specialty Insurance Quote 

Personal Details: Details and documents such as your legal name, phone number, current mailing address, and email address are a few essential details that could help you get a jump start on your process.

Property Details: The condition of your property, renovations, or extensive improvements made to the property should be included as they determine the cost and coverage. The year and the type of property are also significant determinants for the quote. 

Address: This might seem like a minute detail, but it’s a crucial determinant when it comes to the local guidelines and regulations of your state. 

Different insurances require additional documents, depending on the type of property and coverage you want. 

Covertree is Different, Here’s Why: 

Specialty insurance is our main focus

Specialty insurance such as tiny homes, manufactured homes,  modular homes, ADU homes, and travel trailers are the niche markets we excel in. Your specialty home is something you’ve worked for and worth protecting. 

Our Mission

We’re passionate about what we do here, as a premier insurance company we help homeowners insure their property against unforeseen catastrophes.  Covertree knows how devastating disasters can be, and that’s why it’s our mission to protect your home from all or any accidents that may come your way. We believe that insurance should quick and convenient. At Covertree, we’ve partnered with top disaster organizations to help even when other insurance companies can’t.

Truly American 

Unlike many other providers, we have our headquarters in America. We bring local value and authentic assessment based on your home insurance needs. We’re passionate about what we do and helping homeowners of all types and sizes homes. We’re moving in from coast to coast. See if we’re available in your state by staying up to date on our website


With Covertree, you can get a quote in less than 3 minutes, and that’s a promise. Our core values are rooted in simplifying bespoke home insurance. Our online home insurance quotes ensure you save costs up to 40% compared to traditional insurance. We’re committed to helping you manage your insurance online as seamlessly as possible. 

100% Online

We’ve eliminated all the unnecessary paperwork and extensive back and forth phone calls and emails. Simply answer a few questions about your home and personal needs to get started on purchasing specialty insurance online and managing your plan completely online as well. 

Are you ready to skip the lengthy paperwork and unnecessary phone calls? Get started with Covertree today by entering your address online. 

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